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I need to break this shell I feel. I can drink, laugh, eat, chat, smile just like a normal girl but the inside is getting hollower and hollower. It is like all I feel is my “giving” and even when others give to me, I am an old television whose rabbit ears are not wrapped … Continue reading


Gender What?

I am not a kid-having person.  It has never been on my mental “to-do” list and has actually tended to weird me out to the point of semi-panic attack.  Thankfully, the Green Fox has duplicated and synthesized his DNA and so has fulfilled the Grandparent’s need for something to dote on and also to Carry … Continue reading

Memories / Pagan and Proud

I remember.

I remember walking down a road with bright green poles lined up as soldiers underneath the steel awnings. I remember the way the shops spilled into the path and the way their wares enticed me with both sight and smell. I remember friendly faces, distrustful faces, and old faces. I remember signs outside of otherwise … Continue reading