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Fat Women Fuck Too

Originally posted on Fat Heffalump:
Today from the douchebag files comes the story of UK “actor” and “comedian”  (I use those in scare quotes on purpose, I’m not sure he’s much of either) Jeff Leach, who took it upon himself to screen shot the Tinder profile photograph of the amazing fat activist and all ‘round…



I need to break this shell I feel. I can drink, laugh, eat, chat, smile just like a normal girl but the inside is getting hollower and hollower. It is like all I feel is my “giving” and even when others give to me, I am an old television whose rabbit ears are not wrapped … Continue reading


Gender What?

I am not a kid-having person.  It has never been on my mental “to-do” list and has actually tended to weird me out to the point of semi-panic attack.  Thankfully, the Green Fox has duplicated and synthesized his DNA and so has fulfilled the Grandparent’s need for something to dote on and also to Carry … Continue reading