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I remember.

I remember walking down a road with bright green poles lined up as soldiers underneath the steel awnings. I remember the way the shops spilled into the path and the way their wares enticed me with both sight and smell. I remember friendly faces, distrustful faces, and old faces. I remember signs outside of otherwise … Continue reading

.@Twitter: Optimised For Abuse

.@Twitter: Optimised For Abuse

Originally posted on Week Woman:
Last summer I was the target of months of violent, misogynistic abuse. The abuse was widely reported, although the worst tweets (most of the tweets), were never broadcast or printed, because the media deemed them too offensive. This left me in the rather unfortunate position of not only being driven…


Exceedingly Awesome Lemonade

Greetings!! Let us take a break from all the feelings I have been having (Oh, Gods, yes lets!!!) and look at this awesome thing my friend A taught me. I have always loved lemonade.  Like, real lemonade.  First time I went to a friend’s house and their mom tried to give me Country Time I … Continue reading


Well Then…

The problem with living your life “out loud” and giving absolutely zero fucks is that, sometimes, all of those fucks and all of those decisions are just waiting for you to have a weak day and then they all pounce. So, I am pounced. Today I am fragile and broken feeling. BUT, that will not … Continue reading